Bankruptcy Law

Take Charge Of Your Financial Life

If you are struggling to tackle your debt – not to mention bills and other expenses – bankruptcy may right for you. While the word “bankruptcy” can sound intimidating, the truth is that it is an important tool to help you restructure your debt and build a path to a more sustainable financial future.

At Lewis & Koski, we have helped hundreds of clients file for bankruptcy. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to meet all of your financial obligations. Sometimes, unexpected circumstances, such as lost employment or unplanned expenses, can cause you to get behind on your payments.

We can help you respond to the many challenges that can arise before and during the bankruptcy process, and we will also work with you to respond to these matters before they become problems. That includes holding on to a home in foreclosure, preventing the repossession of your vehicles, and protecting your wages and savings from garnishment.

Identifying The Right Kind Of Bankruptcy For You

Your life and your financial situation are unique – so your bankruptcy plan should be, too. One of the most important steps when considering bankruptcy is to identify which type of filing is appropriate for your situation. As your legal advocates, we will help you organize the relevant information and get a firm understanding of the full range of your options.

We assist people with both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. Generally speaking, Chapter 7 bankruptcies are quicker and simpler, but come with fewer tools to hold on to certain property; that’s why this form of bankruptcy is useful for people with limited income. A Chapter 13 filing is often called a “reorganization bankruptcy,” because it allows the filer to reorganize their debt and gradually pay off their debt, provided they have a steady source of income to make progress on that debt.

Get More Bankruptcy Information At An Initial Consultation

You can take action to improve your financial outlook today, by speaking with an attorney. We believe our clients deserve thorough and prompt answers to all their questions. That’s why we return calls quickly, even on evenings and weekends.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.